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Try to modify type of already defined expression

Hello Experts,


is there  any chance to modify the type  or subtype of an already defined expression in NC Advanced Simulation?


I created an expression of type "Number" for controlling friction parameters (µ=0.1) of a large number of contact definitions in my model (NX 8.5.2).

After first calculation I discovered that my friction parameter is not of sub type "Constant" but "Length" in "mm" and that's really bad. I do not know, if NX Nastran tries to convert the value or something like that and my solution results are may be not usable. The model is very big and I search in DAT file for my friction parameter as well in the meantime.


But the more important question is: Is it possible to change the Type/Subtype of an already defined expression in order to keep all the applications already made in my model?

It would be a big relief if I do not have to reassign an new defined parameter for friction control.


Is it possible to change it by Export, Modify, Import by using a data file? - It looks like that only name, value and unit of expression is part of exported model.


Any suggestion will help, with best regards, Michael.

Accepted by topic author MiDi1791
‎10-27-2016 09:21 AM

Re: Try to modify type of already defined expression

You can modify the type of an unreferenced expression. If the expression is referenced, you cannot modify the type.


I'm not sure if there's anything you can do in NX 8.5. As you've found, export/import will update the value, but not the type.


A replace expression capability was added in NX 10. With that, you could create a new expression name with a constant type, then use replace to replace all occurrances of the first expression variable with the new variable.

Re: Try to modify type of already defined expression

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thank you for answering. All right, than I have to wait until our custumers will decide to switch to NX 10 or higher.

Best wishes, Michael