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Using PSOLID for modeling composite laminates?

Hey all,


in the user guide in the laminates chapter under the headline "Modeling Laminates in NX Nastran" it is explainsed that three methods for modeling composite laminates are available - PSHELL, PCOMP and PCOMPS.


I am wondering why when I open the Solid Laminate Modeler in the Physical Property menu it is offered switching from PCOMPS to PSOLID. Does that mean that PSOLID is a fourth possibility to model composite laminates?


If that is the case - how do the two methods - PCOMPS and PSOLID differ from one another?


Thanks in advance for your time and interest in the subject.

Accepted by topic author Elonora
‎06-27-2016 06:55 PM

Re: Using PSOLID for modeling composite laminates?



The PSOLID option provides a smeared representation of the PCOMPS laminated property. It is valid for a symmetric and balanced layup. I would use it to reduce solution time, and when I'm interested in modeling only the stiffness of the structure, since ply results won't be available.


In the 2D world, PSHELL is the smeared representation of PCOMP and PCOMPG.



Philippe Tremblay