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View results after aborting the solution



I am currently running a solution (Sol101) including a high number of subcases. I needed to abort the calculation because of to high calculation time, but I wanted to have a look a the results of the already calculated subcases.

I thought that is no problem in NX but I got the error message "Results not loaded. No results are found!". I am sure that the calculated results are correct.


Can anyone tell me which settings are necessary to see results after aborting a calculation.


Another question I have is, how can I watch to results during a running calculation?





Accepted by topic author GStrickner
‎08-26-2015 04:32 AM

Re: View results after aborting the solution

Dear Georg,

Not possible with NX NASTRAN (SOL101), you need to wait the solver to finish the calculations to let NX NASTRAN to save the *.OP2 file and then load results using NX AdvSim.


Other solvers like Advanced Nonlinear (SOL601) allows the user to terminate the program at any time during execution and show results till the last converged iteration. This can be done gracefully by creating a runtime option file “tmpadvnlin.rto” with a line “STOP=1”. This forces the program to stop after cleaning up all temporary and results files. This method is more useful than “killing” the solution process if the results at the previously converged times steps are needed. Also solution parameters can be modified during execution.


Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: View results after aborting the solution

Thank you for your answer Blas.

Re: View results after aborting the solution

I have a simular problem as UGX shows"result file not found"after solution, and i check the result file directory as the result file *.op2 exists.


weired tho

Re: View results after aborting the solution

Hi Experimenter,

Please check the Nastran log files for errors during the solution. You can find details in the .f06 file that is located in the same folder as the op2 file.

Re: View results after aborting the solution

Note that the .op2 file is created at the beginning of the solution. Prior to the actual solver, the model geometry is written to the .op2 (GEOM*, CASECC, etc. datablocks). Once the solution is complete, results are recovered and the output datablocks (OUGV, OES, etc.) are then written to this existing .op2 file.


If the solution encounters a problem between the two sets of output, you will have a .op2 file containing model data, but no results data. You need to examine the other log files (.f06/.f04/.log) to determine why the solution failed to complete.