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Gears Esteemed Contributor Gears Esteemed Contributor

Nice one...that's some serious altitiude!


Nice motion blur, and I like the lights. Can you tqalk about how you created those two effects a little?

Valued Contributor

Well thanks a lot. I'll wait after the entry time limit before giving my ''secrets ''Smiley Happy



Nice work, I also would like to know how you did the motion effect. It was something I wanted to do but could not find it.


Your edit of the copter is very good, nice work

Valued Contributor

Motion effect was done with GIMP (free image software) in postprocessing . Thanks for the votes. The lighting was done by adding a sphere with an point emmissive material the same color and position as the picture. 


Ah, GIMP, nice touch.


I used a revolve and translucent material settings to simulate motion blur completely within Keyshot. 



Also, the full version of Keyshot has motion blur option.