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Mix of online vs. classroom training

Do you mainly use print textbooks for your students or are you mixing in online training with your classroom instruction and homework assignments?


Re: Mix of online vs. classroom training

Are you just talking institutional learning, corporate or both learning environments?

Re: Mix of online vs. classroom training

Ryan, I was talking institutational learning since this is an educators forum. Are you involved with either institutional or corporate learning environments? If so, I'd appreciate your insight/experience. Thanks.

Re: Mix of online vs. classroom training

Chuckling...well, we adults learn and have to take courses in the business world as well. I've always been concerned with the name of the this group- even in PLM World.


Anyway, the reason I framed my question was to point out that adult learning is different from "academic" learning-the instructional designer would build materials differently and the faciltator would use different delivery methods.


To answer you question, yes, I work as a trainer and instructional designer for adult education both in a business and non-profit environment.

Re: Mix of online vs. classroom training

To answer your question from a corporate world, we are doing both. In the corporate world we once were strickly Instructor-Led Training (ILT) and then we had the advent of eLearning and the rapid "authoring" tools- tools that converted PowerPoint to web-based deliverables. We fell in love with WBT and found that it wasn't the full answer and have moved to a blend-training model. When it comes to blended training we are now primarily using the "Flipped" classroom model.


This model allows you to provide the "information" as WBT element and as a prep material to the actual class room training. In the class rooms you are doing more exercises and trial and error promblem solving in a controlled environment. In the flipped model the trainer now becomes a facilitar, in that we are helping people synethize the wbt content and apply to real problems. Instead of providing the information, doing demostrations and then helping with exercises.

Re: Mix of online vs. classroom training

Ryan thanks for those details about your teaching/facilitating approach. I know some of the other academic educators in this community are using the flipped model as well. We'll see if some of them join this discussion to share best practices.

Re: Mix of online vs. classroom training

Well, Oakland university is also gearing up for this type of approach.
A virtual server is deployed for students which they can access from anywhere with their school credentials and access CAD tools.

But again as Ryan mentioned about some of the issues about issues in this approach and limitations of software's hinder flipping the model sometimes.