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Moving from NX v8.5 > v9.0

Very new user here...


What is the best practice for moving from v8.5 to 9.0?


- Does 9.0 installation automatically uninstall or upgrade v8.5...or should v8.5 be uninstalled "manually" before v9.0 installation is begun?

- What might be deleted by the v8.5 uninstall that I'd want to back up?

- Is all NX work/data in *.prt files or are their other file types that should be backed up?


Thank you.




Re: Moving from NX v8.5 > v9.0

Is it a student learning edition?

Re: Moving from NX v8.5 > v9.0

Is there a functional difference in the installation/configuration of the Learning Edition that would impact the procedure for upgrading to v9.0 of NX?

Thank you.