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Solid edge student license limitation


SE license cannot be used TC integration.

We host Teamcenter on camous and ask students to use solid edge on their computers for modeling.


Scenario: One of the class at Oakland university teach solid edge interated with Teamcenter.

university have the license for this integration i.e SEEC client licesne but student cannot use their own computer and student license if they want to use in with Teamcenter interated mode.


I think this is a gap.

Why Solid edg student license does not support Teamcenter integration?

If the student licesne gives this capability that would be great.




Re: Solid edge student license limitation

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Today only the Solid Edge Academic University license enables Solid Edge Embedded Client (SEEC) - the integration to Teamcenter.  The Solid Edge Academic Student license does not enable SEEC. 


With that said, the professor can give the student(s) the university license file or the  university license key and use SE License Wizard to properly update the software licensing.  


Keep in mind, the student will need to be on the school's network and able to connect to the Teamcenter Server to get SEEC to work.