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Teamcenter and SWIM in a VDI environment

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Siemens Experimenter

The following information came to GTAC from an academic customer via a Web IR . This information is posted for discussion  only and Teamcenter Development/Product Validation does not test or certify products in a VDI environment or make any specific recommendation regarding VDI or VDI vendor specifications. (See SFB-Teamcenter-10051)




We are planning to use a VDI environment (VMWare Horizon) to deploy Teamcenter, SWIM, and SOLIDWORKS for the students. We have encountered a few issues, which we think are related to the VDI environment. I rthink you can use our findings so far for your future developments.


• The client communication with the server (4-tier) was randomly denied a few times. No reason could be found, it usually went away quickly. This may be due to the fragmented network in the college.

• There was a clash between the SOLIDWORKS Forum and Geomagic add-ins - and SWIM. The other two add-ins had to be disabled, otherwise the DateTime error would appear (I reported it earlier). On a VM (not VDI), there is no clash between Tc and SOLIDWORKS Forum (I could not test Geomagic yet). So there is something in the VDI that affects the DateTime conversion.

• The JT files are not created on VDI, although everything seems to be OK. No errors are reported, and on the VM workstation, everything is OK.

• When testing with 15+ users that performed Save As from Tc or SOLIDWORKS, datasets were reported as checked-out by various users, and the server was reported as being the workstation on which the check-out was created (not possible - the users were not logged on to the server).

• Save takes 10-20 times longer than on the VM.


I will get more details about the VDI client, and we will try to identify the reasons for these problems. If you are interested in collecting the information for future references, please create a communication channel to update the findings. In an academic environment, very likely the VDI is the best solution fro deploying the software to the students, at a minimum cost.