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training on NX


   Good afternoon to the NX family.


We have just installed NX here at school. Neither the students nor I have had any training with it. Is there a way students can access the software other than directly here at the school? For example MasterCam has HLE (home learning edition) where we can watch the video tutorials and then practice on the demo software. As I understand it we can only access NX videos from home and no software training will take place until school reopens in September.


     Third party certification is important in today’s industries. Is there an NX certificate available upon completion of these courses?


Re: training on NX

Community Manager Community Manager
Community Manager

Students can purchase NX learning edition & Learning Advantage Membership from our online reseller sites:

But if they would like to use school license, please work with our GTAC (1-800-955-0000) to use the License borrow option added.