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Free CAE and CAM training webinars

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cae webinar imageI just got the latest PLM in Action webinar e-mail that lets you know of free training webinars. Here are two I thought the educator community would be interested in.


Check out the 10-week training series on NX CAE. Here is the list of topics covered: 

  • July 12 - Introduction to Advanced Simulation
  • July 19 - Model Prep and Basic Meshing
  • July 26 - Advanced Meshing Techniques
  • August 2 - Boundary Conditions
  • Aug 9 - Solutions and Solutions Processes
  • Aug 16 - Mesh Quality and Post Processing
  • Aug 23 - Advanced Connections Techniques
  • Aug 30 - Response Simulation
  • September 6 - Model Correlation and Update
  • September 13 – Integrated Test & Analysis Workflow


If you're interested in NX CAM, check out the six-week training series on NX for Manufacturing - starting today. Topics covered:

  • July 16: Learn how to machine turbomachinery components with NX CAM
  • July 30: Learn how to fit your 5 axis tool paths to any geometry with tilt and projection options
  • August 13: Learn how to build your own machine tool models for NC simulation
  • August 27:Instructions and training resources to customize NX CAM’s Machine Tool Simulation
  • September 10: Get familiar with the CMM Operation Navigator
  • September 24: Overview of the Model Based Enterprise – a peek at the future of PLM Manufacturing

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- Dora


Links are broken, please repost!

Community Manager

That post is over five years old so best to look at these links: (recorded, on-demand) (live)

full event list:


you can subscribe to get email notifications here:




Thanks for the archive webcast info!,

But the above webinars are not available in the 'full event list' or the 'webcasts' link.

I am using a older version of NX and these tutorials are very useful for my work...

Please provide the on-demamd webinar link for these or please suggest where I might find them.