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Siemens PLM at 2017 FSAE Michigan Competition

Siemens Creator Siemens Creator
Siemens Creator

20170510_172721[1].jpgSimens PLM skillshop session. Hoyt Hicks (UCF) presenting on their automated design exploration studies done with STAR-CCM+ and Optimate+.


We recently joined SAE as a sponsor for their Formula SAE Michigan competition. Our primary mission is to enable teams to extract the most out of engineering software (CAE, CAD, CAM) by providing comprehensive tools, training, and support to find better designs, faster. A few examples of how we can help teams are: 

  1. Fluid/Thermal Simulation (CFD): STAR-CCM+ is widely used amongst teams due to its ease of use, FSAE tutorials and training, technical support, accuracy, and absence of academic limitations.
  2. Design Exploration / Optimization: HEEDS and/or Optimate+ is being used increasingly to shift from completing a handful of simulations, to completing thousands of simulation by using an automated/intelligent search of the design space.
  3. CAD, CAM, and Structures: NX allows teams to explore each of these areas in one multidisciplinary tool. NX can be used in conjunction with TeamCenter to manage CAD for each subteam, connect CAD and accurate FEA analysis, and allows for computer-aided manufacturing.
  4. Model Based Systems Engineering: Amesim allows for quick conceptual design by allowing 1d simulation to be applied across the entire car (powertrain, tire (w/slipping), vehicle body, and more).
  5. Composites: Fibersim provides teams a tool for understanding how to design their composites (orientation for each ply, layering, stress, etc) and how to manufacture (drape simulation, cut patterns, etc).
  6. Electrical System and Harness Design: Mentor products allow for harness design amongst many other areas of simulation.


We're also happy to announce our recent forum for FSAE seen here

If you're interested in receiving a sponsorship, please fill out our grant application.

Siemens Experimenter

The Siemens suite of software products is so complete that Formula SAE teams can use them for a very wide set of applications and all along the development cycle of their racing car. That's great! With these capabilities, for sure they can improve significantly the performances and the reliability of their vehicles, evaluate more design options with a limiting number of prototypes and saving a significant amount of time.