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The McMaster Engineering EcoCAR3 Team was proud to represent Canadian automotive innovation during year four of the EcoCAR3 competition. Sponsored by ...
The teams competed across a variety of categories, including awards for lab space, customer insight, industrial design, product engineering, manufactu...
Siemens Cup China Intelligent Manufacturing Challenge competition (CIMC) is a national class competition, which was started from 2006. This is the lar...
You can't win, you can only break even. You can only break even at absolute zero. You can never reach absolute zero.
Read the Kennesaw State case study to learn more.
Learn the fundamental theoretical concepts as well as the practice of PLM using real-world scenarios and industrial-strength tools to support those co...
This course is very well suited as a step-by-step guide, an introductory curriculum, or a reference for daily work with the system.
Remember how awesome it always seemed that Batman could command the Batmobile to pick him up from a sticky situation?
When the stakes were high, these students bet it all on their robots!