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The Siemens STEM Day Possibility Grant Sweepstakes is NOW OPEN! Enter daily for the chance to "fab" your lab!
Round-up of Recent News About How Students are Using Siemens Products to Shape the Future of Industry!
Students use PLM concepts and Siemens Industry Software to fully design, test and instantiate a working submarine in 10 months.
This Siemens sponsored team also secured 2nd place at an all-Quebec design competition organized by BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), thanks to ...
Team PSEM from the University of Lisbon wins Siemens Engineering and Design Award for the third consecutive year!
"NX has also given us the ability to know the strength of all structural components on the pod".
More than just a race, Formula Student Germany (FSG) is a design competition featuring 3700 students, 20 judges, 111 schools and an amazing 111 nation...
In German the word “Hochschultage” means university days. Annually organized by the German PLM Usergroup German educators and experts from Siemens PLM...
Students, professionals, and facility are getting ready for EcoCAR 3 – the year 4 fall workshop on Sept. 27-30, 2017 in Natick, MA.