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Team PSEM from the University of Lisbon wins Siemens Engineering and Design Award for the third consecutive year!
"NX has also given us the ability to know the strength of all structural components on the pod".
More than just a race, Formula Student Germany (FSG) is a design competition featuring 3700 students, 20 judges, 111 schools and an amazing 111 nation...
Dr. Hyunjae Park’s Engineering Graphics, Design and Modeling with NX, the newest addition to the Academic Resource Center, walks the reader through th...
Create a learning path or syllabus for your students that includes direct links to the self-paced materials you assign within the free Learning Advant...
Student teams sprint to finish their vehicles with Siemens digital twin software for the 2017 World Solar Challenge. Click here to see their progress.
The “Global University Challenge” is an open innovation project organized by Siemens Power & Gas, Siemens Digital Factory, Corporate Technology and Co...
     For this rookie UBC team the sky is the limit.
Marquette University's unique curriculum is preparing students to quickly find jobs and career success.