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Academic News

Late-Night Work Helps Clarkson University Win AIAA’s Remote Aircraft Contest
The digital thread — and the data that courses through it — could change everything we have come to understand about manufacturing.
This month engineering deans across North America convened at the American Society of Engineering Education’s annual Engineering Deans Institute. Ther...
We have followed the digital thread, one step at a time. But how does it all fit together?
Find out how these ASME E-Fest year-round programs empower engineering students like YOU to ignite innovation, build your resume, expand your knowledg...
We’ve built a part, but we’re not done yet. Even “additive” manufacturing often needs a little “subtraction” to complete the build process.
Pankl Racing Systems AG specializes in developing and manufacturing engine and drivetrain components for racing cars, high performance vehicles and ai...
We have finally arrived at the place where the digital becomes physical: the 3-D printing of the part.
PurdueTracer winning teamFind out more about the thrilling experience of the winning challenger