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Academic News

Remember how awesome it always seemed that Batman could command the Batmobile to pick him up from a sticky situation?
When the stakes were high, these students bet it all on their robots!
In the age of digitalization, traditional product development approaches are no longer sustainable.
Too bad nobody looked to see if they managed to make the perfectly soft-boiled egg.
Inspire Students to Pursue a Career in Advanced Technolgy. The next generation of engineers will meet the next generation of Smart Manufacturing (Indu...
The webinar topics include waste reduction techniques, fibre recycling and thermoplastic composites.
Their advanced modeling, simulation and data management sent them to the top of the list!
You’ll learn not only the theory and the “why”, but “how” to put it all into practice with Simcenter Amesim.
It’s amazing to see what our students are capable of, and the level of skill they have developed often early in their education. Check out the winnnin...