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AMD Ryzen 7 for Femap?



I'm searching for new machine setup for me, because I have low budget, so Im looking forIntel  i7-7700 or AMD Ryzne 7 CPU.

Can someone help me to choose one of them?


I use Femap in Basic licence, most of my simulations are not complex, usually contain contacts (not more than 30 I think), some prestressed bolts, size of the model usually is smaller than 1M nodels.


I was trying to find some informations about AMD Ryzen CPU in FEM analysis but I didnt find anything interesting. Have someone any experience with those CPUs?

I will be very grateful for any help.


Re: AMD Ryzen 7 for Femap?


I found these articles:

I shows that Ryzen is good in rendering (which I'm not interesting in).

And secound article:


Could these test in Solidworks be comparable to FEMAP?

If anyone find some test like this please link it here.



Re: AMD Ryzen 7 for Femap?


FEMAP has very modest baseline requirements and is very flexible depending on hardware.  It runs on a wide variety of configurations.


Applied CAx has a link to a good presentation that discusses both h/w and FEMAP configuration


The summary:

- Multi-core CPU with large L2 or L3 cache

- As much memory as feasible (or ability to expand later if required)

- Fastest disk/storage as possible (SSD or PCIe)

- Add GPU if doing some unique dynamics problems


If using the machine for CAD I'd let that dictate the particular choices.  CAD tends to be more sensitve to "certified hardware" than FEMAP.  



Check with your reseller.  They'll have info on what most clients use, and can offer info to configure FEMAP to best utilize the h/w you do have (scratch file location, using the iterative solver, etc., database management).  In my experience having the right FEAMP config to match the h/w pays better dividends than simply "best", "fastest", etc.  


So to answer your question directly, I'm sure the Ryzen 7 is just fine.  But be sure you're taking a holistic approach to building your machine, including getting the FEMAP configuration nailed.  A fast CPU doesn't help with loading results as much as an SSD and setting up the "Attach" feature for results.


This is the Hardware Requirements from the help file:

FEMAP - Hardware Requirements.png