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API Weld / Fastener Elements prop to prop


Hello everyone!



I m working hard to create cweld element prop to prop. In fact I accomplished to create the element but I don t know how to set the node ID to project. My code below:


Thank you!


 The HTML Clipboard

Sub Main

    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim feElem As femap.Elem
    Set feElem = App.feElem

    Dim feProp As femap.Prop
    Set feProp = App.feProp

            'Element Types
            feElem.type = FET_L_WELD
            'Element Topology Type
            feElem.topology = FTO_WELD2
            'connectTYPE[0] specifies type of weld element
            'feElem.connectTYPE(0) = 4 --> means prop to prop
rc = feProp.SelectID( "Select Weld Property to Use" ) feElem.propID = feProp.ID feElem.connectSEG(0) = 1 'patch 1 prop ID=1 feElem.connectSEG(1) = 2 'patch 2 prop ID=2 feElem.connectTYPE(1) =0 'weld location by projection=0 axis=1
feElem.Node(0)=91 'node ID to project
rc = feElem.Put( feElem.NextEmptyID() ) End Sub