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API for Checking Connection Regions Defined by Surfaces or Element Faces - Updated

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Siemens Phenom

When using Assembly Connections in NX Nastran, it is recommended that a single Connection Region be contiguous (no gaps between element surfaces and/or element faces) and that the difference in normals between adjacent surfaces and/or element faces be within a small tolerance.  For more information on this, refer to Section 19 of the NX Nastran User Guide, available via Femap's Help > NX Nastran command.


This revised script generates a group for each selected Connection Region containing the entities defining the region.  In the case that a Connection Region is defined by surfaces, the API checks for gaps in the region and for differences in angles between adjacent surface normals at a common edge.  For Connection Regions defined by Element faces, it checks for gaps in the Region and for differences in angles between adjacent element face normals.  If difference between adjacent surface or element face normals exceed 15 degrees, the Region check will fail.   In all cases, a message is displayed showing that the Region check passed or failed, and if it failed, it will state the reason for the failure.


Note that for Regions defined by a high number of element faces, the check will take some time to complete for that region.


The angular tolerance used for checking adjacent normals is 15 degrees.  In the script that is defined by the Double data type angleTol.


Please respond if you find any issues with running this script.





Best Regards,
Chip Fricke
Principal Applications Engineer - Femap Product Development