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API for creating simple geometry


I am trying to draw circle using API.

If I use feCircle3Point( pt1, pt2, pt3, messages ) method which creates circle in 3D space, then the boolean messages does not seem to work. I do not want the message to be displayed in the messages box. So I put "False", but it still shows up "Curve xx created" in the box.

If I use other methods, they create circle in defined workplane. And here the messages boolean works. But using this I am not able to define workplane through API. And I do not think "Defining Plane methods" are similar to "Defining workplane"?

Can anybody help me with this?

Thank you


Re: API for creating simple geometry

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The workplane in FEMAP is controlled Global Real Variables, i.e. to move the workplane in its current orientatinon to a different origin -


App.Info_WorkplaneOrigin(0) = 0.0
App.Info_WorkplaneOrigin(1) = 0.0
App.Info_WorkplaneOrigin(2) = 1.0


You can control the direction/orientation of the workplane with its direction cosines -






In the /api/GeometryProcessing folder under FEMAP there's an API called Move Workplane Tangent to Curve that demonstrates setting the workplane.



Re: API for creating simple geometry


Hi masherman,

Thank you for the help. It works nicely now. Smiley Wink