Re: API to add Meshpoints

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I can't seem to reproduce your issue in the Femap API pane.  Which version of Femap are you running?  Could you post your model or a sample that replicates the issue?

Re: API to add Meshpoints

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Valued Contributor

using 11.3. As i mentioned before, its works fine in FEMAP API pane. The problem is only in Visual Studio. I found a workaround...used following lines to the intersection points. Works fine now. Thanks for taking a look at it.


_App.feMeasureDistanceBetweenGeometry(FT_CURVE, Test.ID, FT_SURFACE, iSurfaceSet.ID, True, iCurveID, iSurfaceID, FromXYZ, ToXYZ, Distance)

If Distance = 0 Then

Dim CurvePoints As femap.Set = _App.feSet

Dim XYZ As Object = Nothing

Dim ProjectedXYZ As Object = Nothing

CurvePoints.AddRule(iCurveID, zGroupDefinitionType.FGD_POINT_ONCURVE)

_App.feCoordOnPoint(CurvePoints.First, XYZ)

_App.feCoordOntoSurface(iSurfaceID, XYZ, ProjectedXYZ) = ProjectedXYZ

newPointID = IntersectionPoint.NextEmptyID




FastPoints.Add(newPointID) 'Add nodes on intersection points to create CBUSH

End If