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Advanced non linear explicit (Nastran SOL 701)



is there any way to speed up analysis time for SOL 701 because my test analysis with simple geometry(round 15000 elements) runs for 45 minutes and that is way to slow. I need to simulate complex geometry with at least 150000 elements so I'm affraid it want be possible without time reduction.

I tried using multiple cores and more memory


Re: Advanced non linear explicit (Nastran SOL 701)

Are you familiar with the concept of mass scaling? If you have allowed AdvNL to calculate the time step, then this is determined by the wave speed through the smallest element. If you have a few very tiny elements, you can use mass scaling to slow the wave speed and lengthen the time step. If all your elements are very small, then your ability to mass-scale (or let the solver do it by forcing a larger time step) is somewhat limited. I assume you checked that the multiple cores were being used effectively by checking the task manager? I have found 4 to 8 cores is the maximum practical to use. If you choose more than that, I have seen it run slower. Also, make sure hyperthreading is off in your computer BIOS.