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I've been having fun with scripts to automatically generate anaglyphs in FEMAP. It's very gadget-y and not that useful for the mechanical analyst, but quite a strong and catchy communication feature.


It got me wondering: would there be a way to exploit the graphic processor's 3D capabilities? I mean make FEMAP react to the graphic card's order to switch to monochrome anaglyphic view? The idea would simply be able to use red-cyan glasses.

If there is way I am interested, I've been trying without success. If not I don't realise wether this is a complicated development or not, but seeing that FEMAP already allows for perspective view...


Along the same line of thought there are remnants of a "stereo" view in FEMAP, but I can't find how to activate it. Has it been deleted? FVI_STEREO still exists in the API, can't get it to switch on though...




A. Pavageau