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Analysis isn't running due to Communication with License Server Lost




I launched an analysis 6 days ago. I wait to results, but I noticed now, that the analisys did't write to the disk 2 days ago (f.e. to F04 and F06 files). Processor run on 0%, I/O written and read bytes of the process analysis.exe aren't changing. There is an error message "Communication with License Serves Lost. Your license may time out." in the Message Window. We use network licenses.


I verified the status of the licenses on other computer (Help / About... / Security / Show Users) and found, that Femap 11.30 use 2 licenses (I don't know why 2) and NX Nastran Analysis 11.30 doesn't use any licenses (see pc1145):

License Information_1.jpg


After a while License Information has changed:


License Information_2.jpgLicense Informations after an hour

Now Femap use 1 license, but NX Nastran Analysis does'nt use any licenses.


How can I refresh license to NX Nastran Analisys, and how can I continue the analysis? I wouldn't like to lose these days and start the analisys from beginning.


Best regards


Peter Kaderasz


Re: Analysis isn't running due to Communication with License Server Lost

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Siemens Phenom

This will not help saving the current run, but you might take a look at the link below for some performance tips. In particular, if your machine is becoming unresponsive during a run, it may be caused by the default Windows I/O cache settings. There is a chart about this(page 8) and I can supply the batch file that allows you to reset it. I have been using this setting at about 1/2 of my RAM for quite a while now, and it has eliminated the "unresponsive machine"  issue for me.

Also, if you want to post the f04 file from your run, we can look for possible issues and make suggestions that might help your run complete in a timely fashion.







Re: Analysis isn't running due to Communication with License Server Lost


Hello fembrackin,


thank you for your response. I try to send a reply, but Femap Discussion Forum doesn't work at the moment on new site (there is a message only "No posts to display").


I use Femap with NX Nastran many years with default settings, there are many network error in my computer with license lost, but the analysis always continued after license was available.


In my case now all task are running, I think there isn't "unresponsive machine" issue, only the NX Nastran doesn't refresh license. I plugged out the network cable and waited until the license lost. After a while I plugged in the network cable and Femap found the license (NX Nastran not).


Please send me the batch file to reset Windows I/O cache settings. I would like to send the F04 file to you, but I don't know your e-mail address.


Best regards,


Peter Kaderasz