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Automesh Solid Resizes Mesh Seed Without Asking


I set a few curves on my solid to be a certain element size in length. After trying to mesh the solid I realized I missed a few. I undid the "Mesh Solid" command, seeded the missed curves, and tried Meshing the solid again. Please note that I made sure to deselect the "Replace Mesh Sizes" command every time.


However, for some reason, when I attempt to mesh the solid it deletes the seed I created on those few curves and puts in the original one.


Is this a bug or am I doing something incorrectly?


Re: Automesh Solid Resizes Mesh Seed Without Asking

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The plan for meshing in FEMAP is always to apply first global element size in solids, then locally in surfaces and finally locally in curves. The global element size in solids override any local mesh prescribed in curves or surfaces, then this is the reason why you need to do it at the first time.


If you create any seed mesh locally in any surface before applying the mesh solids command, then FEMAP will honor that mesh and the 3-D mesh will follow the 2-D seed mesh, this s a trick I do a lot before performing 3-D solid meshing (either HEX or TET mesh) in order to know by advanced the surface quality of the future 3-D solid mesh.


For your case, is better you explain with pictures the meshing sequence followed to understand better the problem, OK?.

Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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