Beam Warping Question!



I modelled a siffened panel in Femap and I guess I had selected Femap Section calculator to include beam warping constant as well.


When I tried to run the analysis, I got the following message.


"Scalar Point Nodes have been created in your model to support Beam Warping. Save your model if you want to postprocess results at these points."


What are the above and how can I view these points in Femap? Further, is there a way to define them in future using Femap GUI?




Re: Beam Warping Question!

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See the Nastran Element Theory User's Guide. You can find this documentation in Help/NX Nastran. Look at the details for the CBEAM and you should find the following:

SA, SB Scalar or grid point identification numbers for the ends A and B, respectively.
The degrees of freedom at these points are the warping variables dθ /dx.


And then a sample problem with these comments

The displacement results, as shown in Figure 3-20, include the displacements of the grid points at the
end of the CBEAM and scalar points 101 and 102. As mentioned previously, the force is applied
directly to the grid point; therefore, the force acts at the neutral axis of the beam. Since the shear
center is offset from the neutral axis, a loading of this type should cause the element to twist. This
result can be observed in the R3 displacement, which represents the twist of the beam. If the shear
center is not offset from the neutral axis, R3 will be zero. The displacements of scalar points 101 and
102 represent the twist due to the warping at ends A and B, respectively.




Re: Beam Warping Question!


Thanks Sir for the response.


Will check the theory manual.