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Bi-align quad mesh




I'm looking for a way to "smooth a quad mesh between 4 corners" - 4 corners define a bi-parametric space, and I want the nodes to align properly in it (cf image):


1) the mesh on the left is the initial unaligned mesh

2) the mesh on the top right is the goal

3) the mesh on the bottom right is the closest I can get to with the "Smooth" command, when I modify the "fixed nodes" and choose only the red ones instead of all free edge nodes


I would code it but retrieving biparametric coordinates in a quad domain is a bit of a hassle...

By the way that would be a nice (and much appreciated) add: the "XYZtoParam" methods could be generalised to line, tria and quad domains (by specifying 2, 3 or 4 locations). Granted creating a surface is not complicated, but the parasolid engine does not return directly usable results for planar surfaces (u,v will often be >1).


Thanks for your help,