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Birth and Death Elements - NX Nastran Nonlinear Solver




Can anyone help me with the use of Birth and Death Elements with the Advanced Nonlinear Solver for Femap?


I am carrying out a repair on a truss where I need to cut and replace a section of the top flange of the bottom chord. Prior to cutting the top flange I will weld in a "dummy flange" to suppor the loads during the repairs. 


I want to use birth death elements as follows:


Step 1 - Run the model as the truss currently is

Step 2 - Run the model with the "Dummy flange" installed

Step 3 - Run the model with the dummy flange in and the top flange removed

Step 4 - Run the model with the dummy flange in and the top flange replaced

Step 5 - Run the model with the top flange replaced and thedummy flange removed


As I haven't used Birth Death Elements, I am only trying to get Steps 1 and 2 currently.


In the nonlinear solver I have put in he following text:


Under Bulk Data I have input


EBDSET 1 1 2 76 THRU 82


When I try and solve the model, I ma getting issues stating "The Begin Bulk Statement is Missing".


I am not very familiar with writing code for nonlinear solver functions, so any help would be greatly appreciated.