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Bolt in plane stress surface using compression only element vs gap element vs bearing load


I have solved the bearing load in plane stress. Thank you for ChipFricke


I will be have a massive gusset bolt surface. The major point is to get the stress at the gusset using bolt representation as low calculation power as needed, and somehow acceptable (pretension may need solid elements, it neglectable first). Using bearing load as putting independent Cylinder CSys every hole will be headache.


Meanwhile before kicking to that. starting for a simply one hole. I am going to use a spider gap element / compression only connected to node at center of a hole.


If i use RBE as spider to the center node hole that has a loading, entire hole will be pulled down. I am thinking to use something compression only elements to represent bearing load.


First i use the gap element compression only, half hole to represent bearing is getting higher stresses.

I use gap element entire hole, and the top of the hole getting pulled, eventhough i just put compression only. The load is located at node in the center hole. Any clue for this ? 


Second, I will like to use some compression springs to use as spider around center hole and compare to the gap element. Looks like it will need nonlinear spring with for pin-bearing simulation.