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Calculation time for nonlinear analysis


Tell me how I can assign a non-linear calculation limit, which is performed with the arc-length method.
I simulate the stability problem of a centrally compressed circular tube.

After the reach of the peak point, the calculation is still very long. At the same time, the number of iterations does not increase and it is not clear when the calculation will end.



Is it possible to stop the calculation and output all the results before this moment ?

How it is possible to adjust the calculation parameters after reaching the maximum load?

File is here



Re: Calculation time for nonlinear analysis

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

You can set the maximum number of controlled increments as shown below:

2017-09-14 09_23_47-Advanced Load Set Options for Nonlinear Analysis.png

 I would suggest turning the arc-length off and using 10 increments and the ITER method until you cannot get converged answers for your problem.


There may be other issues with your model also. You are using a large displacement nonlinear solution with RBE2 elements. These rigid elements are linear only and do not have large displacement capability. If the ends of your tube rotate significantly from a rigid body motion standpoint, then these elements cause convergence issues at best.

Also you model the tube with a single solid through the thickness. This does a poor job of capturing bending stiffness and stress through the thickness which I think are important for your problem.