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Can't write bolded font in the Message Window

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello, everybody!


I'm using the command feAppMessage to write to Message window through FEMAP API. I needed that the text was written in bolded font. In the section of the FEMAP API Reference document it is presented the input color = 1 to Highlight the text. I thought that it was the manner to write the text in bolded font but the result using color = 1 is the same of using color = 0 (I couldn't realize any difference).

Could somebody help me to write in the Message window using bolded font?




PS: FEMAP version 11.1.1


Re: Can't write bolded font in the Message Window




First off a tip: to try and find alternatives, use the fact that the programming window gives hints as to available constants.


For example by writing "App.feAppmessage(", you actually get:





The window suggests 5 constants (the API doc has not been updated). I recommend using these names rather than numerical values.


Now what do these constans refere to? Go to File > Preferences > Messages and you see





I'm guessing for you you have 0 (black) and unchecked the "bold" for highlighted: these are default values. FYI the default values correspond to the following color/style:




You can change these to whatever you like, but note that the change will only be active once FEMAP is restarted! This goes for choice of fonts as well.