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Can we customize Entity Info or Entity Editor


Hi All,
I want to run the program, select a single element and automatically its property, and stresses on it for the active output set should be displayed like the entity edditor window. Can i do this in FEMAP.
Cause when i select elements, i dont get stress as well as its properties simulteneously. And this program runs parallelly.
Its something like i want to customize entity info or entity editor.


Re: Can we customize Entity Info or Entity Editor



Use the "Show Tooltips" in the "Selector Mode"


tooltips.pngtooltips2.pngAfter that once you plot your output on screen, if you mouse over an element a little tip box will appear with the output value, as show in the example.




Re: Can we customize Entity Info or Entity Editor


Dear Astrium,

Thanks for your response.

My expectation is to get customised details in the too tip, like it should give me the property no, plate thickness, stress induced etc.

Do you have any idea how we can do that.


Re: Can we customize Entity Info or Entity Editor

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First, there are multiple ways to use the entity editor such as selecting by element, by material, and by property.  These different methods may display most if not all of the information you are requesting - you would simply have to toggle between them.  We do not expose the selector object via the API to update what information is displayed, but there may be an alternate method that can suit your needs.


It sounds like you would appreciate a single means that has some essential and hand-picked items all condensed into one.  I wrote a rudimentary API that utlizes the Text Box object that can do this.  Below is a screen shot of our example "wingpost".  When the API is run, an element selection box opens (bottom) and when you choose an element, a text box will appear as in the image below.




While this is not "live" like the Selector Entity, if you double click when making your element selection the text box will update in the same location and you can quickly continue selecting as many elements as you'd like.


If you do not like the location of the text box, you can edit it and the script will check and persist in the new location.  Simply use the Selector Entity, choose the last option, "Text", and you can now right-click to Edit.  The "Define Text" dialog will open.  Do not worry about changing the text you see in this dialog directly.  This will only hard-code the text object.  Confirm "Ok" (essentially making no changes) and you will be prompted by the "Select View Position..." dialog.  Choose a new location in the graphics window, confirm "Ok" and your custom text box will now persist in that location.


Since you specifically mentioned plates, I have only coded for plates, beams, and rods so far.  If you have some Visual Basic understanding it should be straightforward on how to fill in the additional elements and properties you are looking for.  If not, we can customize more together so do not hesistate to e-mail me at:


Lastly, if you do not see the text box appear, make sure your "View Text Toggle" is ON in the Entity Display toolbar.






Re: Can we customize Entity Info or Entity Editor


Thank you so much for your effort, highly appreciate.

Yes it magically works.

Definitely will go through the entire program to understand the same.

Thanks again.