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Cbush coincidence Check?



Is there any option to check if Cbush or similar 1D elements are connected between two required nodes and not just floating in space? Let me illustrate my question. Lets say I have two plates which are needed to be connected by a 1D element. For this example, I have chosen Cbush as the element of my choice. One end of the cbush element node is connected to bottom plate at the required location. The other end/node of Cbush is purposefully mislocated or is freely floating in space.


Image below shows the two plates with a single Cbush element





The Free Edge option doesn't even show the 1D element. So if I have a FE model with hundreds of 1D elements like above, I was wondering if there is a way to find out if the 1D element is not aligned as required?




Re: Cbush coincidence Check?


An API is perfect for this job, but if you don't want to do that (or get someone to do it), then the best way is to:

a) Window -> Show -> Elements ... OK. Method -> Type = 6. OK.

b) Then List -> Model -> Node... Method -> On Element -> Previous. OK. OK.

c) Then copy the list from the Messages Window, paste into Excel.  Use Data -> Text to Columns in Excel if the format is not tidy.  Then sort the list by # Elem.  Obviously the nodes connected to only one element (and obviously the elements on those nodes) are the ones you are interested in.

And keep in mind that you can easily copy a column of node numbers in Excel into the Entity Selection dialog via Pick -> Paste.