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Composite Laminate Post-Processing using Envelope Method

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I have a laminate which has like 20+ plies. I had requested Failure Indices for several load cases. Kinda tedious to go & check FI for each ply in a given load case. I have used Model->Process->Envelope option & created a separate output case which shows me the max FI across all output sets. However, I am lost on how to find out which ply has the max FI. I was under the impression that Envelope Location set shows the info but I am not able to interpret it. 


Would appreciate any help on the above. 


On an unrelated topic, Femap 11.3 upgrade was installed and during post-processing toolbox window, is there any way to disable "Expand Active Only" check mark permanently so that my preference preserves each time I open up Femap. Currently, I have to disable it manually.




Re: Composite Laminate Post-Processing using Envelope Method


I see the Femap help for Model -> Output -> Process -> Envelope specifically refers to the way laminate ply information is enveloped.  Have you looked at that and tried out what it says, or is the operation not performing according to the help?


On the subject of "Expand Active Only" for the Postprocessing toolbox, this operates according to the setting in File -> Preferences -> User Interface ...Meshing Toolbox ... Expand Active Tool Only.  The behaviour does not appear to be different in V11.3 compared to earlier versions.