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Composite - Margin of Safety

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

I am trying to plot the margin of safety for a composite laminate. I have created an envelope case that combines the major pricipal stresses of all plies in the laminate.


Then I have tried to use the calculate function on the envelope case to determine the margin of safety.


I am using the following equation for the calculate function which basically is the following equation:

MS = (Material Allowable/Stress)-1.


(MAT(MLAM(PID(!i); PLYID);52)/(VEC(3;90000000;!i))-1)


I was wondering how can I modify the equation so that the Margin of Safety equation takes into account all the plies and gives me a margin of safety.


I was trying to use the equation provided here; however for laminates the function "MID(propID)" does not work (


Any help is appreciated.