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Composite coupon constraints




Im new to FEMAP and am working through some questions, I am currently modelling a single ply coupon with a tensile load. The ply end is held axially, but free to shrink due to Poisson’s effect and therefore needs constraints that can model this. I have tried many different constraint combinations and cant seem to find a combination that works when altering the direction of the ply (I can implement constraints that fulfill this criteria for a symetrical coupoun e.g. 0 or 90 degrees however at other angles my constraints do not act as required).


Here is the question if this helps:



 The coupon dimensions are 4 inches wide by 20 inches long (0.102m by 0.508m). Thickness is 0.15 inch (0.00381 m). The coupon is loaded in the long direction with an axial load of sufficient value so as to just fail the coupon. (Hint: if your solver has a SR output option it will be easier to scale the load to failure). The ply end is held axially, but free to shrink due to Poisson’s effect The ply orientation is varied from 0 degrees (aligned with the long axis) to 90 degrees ( aligned with the short axis). Plot the failing load against ply angle, using the Tsai-Wu criterion. Plot the sigma1, sigma2 and sigma12 stresses against ply angle. Repeat the exercise using the Maximum Stress Criterion


Any help with this would be greatly appreciated,






Re: Composite coupon constraints

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Re: Composite coupon constraints


Thats worked! Thanks for your help.