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I am using FEMAP 11.1.1, and I am modeling composites and I want to calculate Failure Index as a post processing.

I was using it on FEMAP 10.2, but now it seems I'm missing a parameter.

I have set some material limits on all materials.

I have set up the Failure Theory on all properties.

I have turned the option "Print and Post process" to get stress results and Failure Index.

But I don't get any Failure Index vector in the output.


Is there a tutorial to help me on the required parameters ?


Thanks in advance


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I may have part of an answer: I'm not used to NX NASTRAN but I see that the same PARAM NOCOMPS exists, which is the one indicating that you want ply failure indices (SRCOMPS is for ply strength ratios).


Check your run file to see wether it appears there. If not add it, and the question is then why hasn't FEMAP written it? The default NASTRAN Bulk Data options may have been changed...?

Re: Composites Failure Index

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I have the same problem. In FEMAP 11.1.2 miss this output: 6060..Laminate Max Failure Index

In FEMAP 11.2.2 is already plot in result.

Does anybody know how to set the solution for this output vector "6060..Laminate Max Failure Index" in previous version FEMAP 11.1.2.



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PARAM NOCOMPS depending on the value will turn off the ply by ply output, the default option is what you need so I would not check that.


Are you getting ply by ply output?  If you are you should get vector 6060. If not then check your lamiate property and make sure is has a failure theory and a bondshr allowable.  Also every material you have in your laminate has to have stress/strain allowables.  


If you do not have ply by ply output then check your NOCOMPS setting.


Hope that helps.