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Connect elements


I have two cubes right next to each other, then can connect them using "auto connect". If I forget to make the connection and first mesh and analyse how can I go back and connect the elements? Deleting the mesh and the results set can be done, but after this the software doesn't let me "autoconnect" the surfaces anymore. Is there something else I should delete? I don't want to start over, because than I'll have to redraw the whole geometry.


Re: Connect elements

Dear Bastiaan,
Is very easy: you can connect two bodies at any time, as long as you do surface-to-surface GLUE connection based in geometry, not matter is you mesh and later define connection, or first define connection and mesh later. The reason is the following: when you launch the NX NASTRAN solver, FEMAP writes the nastran iput file that the nastran solver execute, and is in this moment when NX NASTRAN create the contact elements based in the regions and contactors defined in FEMAP, OK?.
In summary, in your case you don't need to delete your mesh, simply add contact and you are done!!.
Best regards,
Instead to use command CONNECT > AUTOMATIC I suggest to use CONNECT > SURFACES command, this will give you more control of what region(s) to be defined as SOURCE and what region(s) to define as TARGET, enjoy!!