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Coordinates of locations/points in other CSYS (API)


Using the API, is there an easy was to get coordinates of a location from one CSYS in another CSYS?  For example, if I have the location [1 0 0] in coordinate system 5, what are the coordinates of that location in coordinate system 10?


It looks like CSYS objects have properties for transformations and rotations from the global CSYS, so it looks like coordinates need to be rotated to the global CSYS first, then rotated to the new CSYS.  I'm pretty sure I can work out doing the math for the matrix inversions, rotations, etc. myself, but I thought there must be an easier way.  Thanks!


Re: Coordinates of locations/points in other CSYS (API)

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Siemens Phenom

Use the method feCoordArrayTransform2.  This transforms an array of coordinates from one CSys to another CSys.  See page 701 in the Femap v11.3 API document.

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Chip Fricke
Principal Applications Engineer - Femap Product Development