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Desktop Extemsion

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I'm tring to find some information about the Desktop Extension of Femap. 

How licensing works? What files can I convert?


Do you may Know any place were to find these information?


Thank you!


Re: Desktop Extemsion

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Dear Beatriz,

The NX Nastran solver that comes with Femap with NX Nastran is desktop licensed. This means that the Nastran input file for solution must be written out by Femap and cannot be edited by the user from the OS, once created. In addition, the solution must be performed from the same computer that the Femap license was used to write the NX NASTRAN input file (*.dat).
The Desktop Extension product is an add-on capability to desktop licenses that removes the above listed limitations.

  1. The Node Locked version (E522) of the Desktop Extension still has the limitation that it must be run on the same computer where Femap runs. Users are however able to edit the input files from the OS, created in any other computer, of course.
  2. The Floating version (E523) of the Desktop Extension allows the user to edit the input file and also perform the solve on different hardware than where Femap was run, the license floats in the network, then any user of the LAN can run the Desktop Extension module and edit any NX NASTRAN input desk (*.dat file) and launch the NX NASTRAN solver either from an MS-DOS prompt or using a direct access in the screen to nastraw.exe file.


Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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