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Doesn't FEMAP read enforced displacements applied on Scalar Points?

Valued Contributor
Valued Contributor

Hello, everybody!


I have a Nastran FE model that uses the card SPC applied on Scalar Points considering enforced displacement. When I imported this model on FEMAP, it returned the following error message:


"Skipping Enforced Displacement on SPC card for Node <node ID>, in Constraint Set <BC Set ID>. Must reapply in appropriate load set."


Reading the Nastran's Quick Reference Guide I found out that use SPC card with enforced displacement is the same that use SPC1 card + SPCD card. I tried create the enforced displacements (SPCD cards) using FEMAP, but I couldn't. The problem is that Nastran demands that the direction of the enforced displacements when it is applied on Scalar points be 0 (zero) and FEMAP doesn't provide a field for this (on Model-Load-Nodal... is presented fields to supply enforced displacements values for directions 1 to 6, not zero).

I made a test writing the SPC1 and SPCD cards directly inside the *.dat file. I imported this file, none error was reported, but when I exported the model to *.dat file again, all SPCD cards disappeared.

I attached two FE models, one using SPC and an other using SPC1 + SPCD. They are equivalent, but neither one, nor other worked in FEMAP.

Is there any other manner to work with enforced displacements using FEMAP? Or this is a real limitation of this software?


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