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Element labeling


Hi, I have question about element labeling. I have 100+ element groups that represent different pipe branches, an I was wandering is there a way to do something similar like on the picture below



I know I can show element ID, Property, Material.. but all of that gives me a number, is there a way achieve something similar.
Ideally would be something like text box that you can attach to element or node.




Re: Element labeling

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

There is no pure labelling option like you are asking for, but you might be able to use the "Text" capability.. go to Tools->Text where you can create a text "label" that you can then position either relative to the "View" (XY in the window) or "Model" (just any 3D location).  Not sure if that is good enough for what you want.


Attached is also a simple API to put an arbitrary text label at the centroid of an element that you select. It also uses the Text capability. You can fairly easily edit it to adjust positioning, color, etc.


Hope this helps you.

Re: Element labeling

Thank you so much grudy. "Text" feature will do just fine. I didn't know for it before and thank you for API code.