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Error in TET Meshing (96 m dia Geometry)


Hi all. Good Day.


I am having problem to mesh my geometry model. My model consist of a platform (96 m dia x 0.065 m height) supported with 234 no of legs (0.152 m dia x 1.9 m height)


I used Tet Mesh with size of 200. The result show that 29874 elements were failed out of 156760 checked using Jacobian. The snapshot of the result as per attached photos. 


Although the mesh failed, I just performed the analysis. There were 6 information errors & 1 fatal error as per below. Are the error occured due to bad meshing or due to the geometry?


IE1) 4109 (OUTPX2)

IE2) 4114 (OUTPX2)

IE3) 4114 (OUTPX2)

IE4) 4114 (OUTPX2)

IE5) 7555 (ETETGD)

IE6) 4110 (OUTPX2)


FE1) 9031 (ERRPH1)


I attached my geometry model in .IGS format. If some one could help me to overcome the meshing error and analysis error, I will be very grateful.


P/S : I used FEMAP V 11.2.2 with NX Nastran.


Thanks & Cheers,








Re: Error in TET Meshing (96 m dia Geometry)

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Dear Hafiz,

Please be reasonable, if you plan to mesh this geometry with 3-D solids elements then for accuracy reasons you need minimum two elements in the wall thickness to capture stress gradient (better three elements), then a minimum element size of 65/2 = 30 mm is required, and you will realize the result will be millions and millions of nodes, not practical at all!!.

Instead, use 1-D CBEAM elements for the supports and create the midsurface for the platform and mesh with 2-D Shell CQUAD4 elements, you will have a reduced model size with great accuracy!!


Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
Blog Femap-NX Nastran:

Re: Error in TET Meshing (96 m dia Geometry)


Dear Mr Blas,


Good day.


It is a pleasure to receive a reply from the expert.

As i am quite new to Femap, can you explain me how to do the 1-D CBeam?

Did some search in youtube. It is look like I need to draw the line in the Femap. Is it correct?

For midsurface and mesh the platform with 2-D CQUAD4, I succesfully did it.  


Wait for your valuable advice. Thanks in advance.


Thanks & Regards,