Error with a new installation

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I'm tring to install Femap in a new computer. I have a Nodelocked Dongle license. Normally, I can install the program and try it a few days before introduce the codes of the license. 


I made a mistake installing the program and I'd select "Network Client " in the Set Up Type. 

Then, when I tried to run Femap an error apears. I just uninstall everything, restart the computer, and reinstall the program with the rigth Set up option (Nodelocked Dongle)


The problem is that now, when I open the program, the next message appears:

"If you are attempting to rus as demo, switch to demo mode by running go_demo.bat after you exit"


Then, one the program is open and I try to no anything, appears an error "Security Violation- Command not avaiable"


If I tried to run the go_demo.bat file it shows a message that there aren't any file in the directory selected, but I didn't selec anything. 


I need these time of trial because I'm making some test with a new VPN.


¿Any Idea?



Re: Error with a new installation

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Hello BeatrizSeoane,


The batch file go_demo.bat simple overwrite the file auth_114.dll with au_demo.dll. You can make this with Windows Explorer in Femap install directory too.


Best regards


Peter Kaderasz

Re: Error with a new installation

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Dear Beatriz,

If you have a dongle you need to introduce the codes to make the FEMAP software run, if not you will get error. If you are installing FEMAP with Dongle in a new computer then you make sure to install the Sentinel Driver "SSD769.exe" found under "C:\FEMAPv1142\SentinelDriver\" subdirectory before inserting the Dongle in the USB, it not the USB dongle will not recognized by FEMAP because Windows will not install the correct driver.

In summary, at any time you can change your FEMAP installation from USB DONGLE, NETWORK or DEMO, simply click in the proper *.BAT file in your FEMAP installation directory:

C:\FEMAPv1142>dir *.bat

12/09/2017  06:53               209 go_apionly.bat
12/09/2017  06:53               208 go_demo.bat
12/09/2017  06:53               214 go_dongle.bat
11/09/2017  08:43               212 go_network.bat
12/09/2017  06:45                70 InstallDongleDriver.bat
               5 archivos            913 bytes

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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