Expanding Load takes a long time




I have a big surface that 22.5x20 meters and my mesh size about 0.25x0.25m generally mapped.


I give surface pressure on to this surface and after that I make expand load (model>load>expand load)


After that it takes a long time expanding. Is not it weird? It s a simple flat geometry. 


Did I make mistake somewhere?




Re: Expanding Load takes a long time

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Siemens Phenom

What version of FEMAP are you using?  I just built a model of similar size with about 7400 elements on the surface and a pressure load. It expands nearly instantly. Do you have multiple load cases, other loads, a large number of other elements, anything else "large" in the model. 


The physical size and shape of the elements and surfaces really should not  matter as far as the time to expand ... just the number of items. 


I realize that it might not  be possible, but if you can send the model... or even a piece of the model that takes a long time, it could help me track down the issue.