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Export/Detach output Linear Combination or Envelope?


Is there a way to export/save linear combinations and/or envelopes as *.op2 so I can remove the internalization?


I've got some linear combinations and envelopes of *.op2 files and I'd like to reduce my FEA model file size.



NOTE:  The linear combinations can't be done via load sets.  It's the combination of a "zero load" condition (1g down on tires) + analysis on deformed shape using "Nodes move by deform" (live load added after stabilizing jacks deployed)


Re: Export/Detach output Linear Combination or Envelope?

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Siemens Phenom

Femap cannot write a Nastran op2 file, however you can accomplish this task by using a .fno binary results file. Look under "Custom Tools"/Postprocessing  There is an API that can export a binary fno file that is attached.

Assuming you want to export the entire model, then first create a group with all of the nodes and elements. Then execute that API, picking your full model group and then all of the desired results that you want exported. Femap will write the results to the .fno file; create a neutral file of your group and import that group into a new modfem attaching the fno file.


The next screen shot shows the where to find the API:

post fno.png



In the screen shot below, the wingpost is the original modfem with multiple results including envelope and linear combinations. Then see the file "full model.fno" that was created and attached. Also see the full model.neu which is the group that was chosen to export. 

2017-11-14 16_59_58-exportresults.png


When attaching the fno, you will need to change the filter to "all files" so you can choose the fno instead of an op2 file.


Hope this helps,



Re: Export/Detach output Linear Combination or Envelope?


I suspected as much w.r.t. op2.  This helps. 


I'll probably bundle a "README.txt" for full instructions for archival purposes.