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Extended Print Dialog API / Can't access to PrinterSettings


I wrote an API to print to a printer or PDF the Femap active view automatic, changed the Print Header, Print Footer and filename in case of PDF printing. I use in my API PDF995 printer driver (it's free,


My problem is that I can't access to printer settings. I can add in Reference the System.Drawing.dll (2.0), but the followings will fail:


    Dim oldPrinter As String
    Dim oPS As System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings
    Set oPS As New System.Drawing.Printing.PrinterSettings

Now I use my API without PrinterSettings and my Dialog looks like this:


Print (extended).jpg

I can set with first column of checkboxes to show or not show the file name, the active load set, constraint set and output case in the footer. With "Auto Letter" I change the last character of the Header according to Output Case (in case of Output Case=1 last character is "a", in case of Output Case=2 last character is "b", ...). I use Counter to PDF filename. I can change active Load Set, Constraint Set and Output Case with buttons (separately or simultaneously). I can refresh graphic window, print to active printer, print to PDF, rotate model, printer setup, page setup, make header and footer permanent.

My API use an Ini file (in, path is "d:\Home\Femap\KadP_Femap.ini" in Procedure "InitializePDF" (can be modified). The parameters are following:


Stop_end_Femap: when True, API stop with Message Box after printing.

pdf_iniFileName: full filename (with path) of PDF995.ini file.

pdf_OutputFolder_Femap: temporary output folder for PDF printing (see in attachement)

PDF_Counter: API use to save the Counter value.


Best regards,


Peter Kaderasz