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Extruding solid failure




there is a failure by extruding a solid. Here is the original solid:

OriginalSolid.jpgOriginal Solid


1. With Solid Extrude command (all curves are mergeable)

ExtrusionOptions.jpgExtrusion options

ModifiedSolid_afterExtrusion_v11.3.1.jpgModified Solid after Extrusion

There are created extra surfaces. In other case the Extrude command doesn't create extra surfaces with the same settings, but I don't know when create the Extrude command these surfaces and when not.


2. With Feature editing / Translate Surface(s)

ModifiedSolid_afterFeatureEditing1_v11.3.1.jpgModified Solid after translating Surface (with Select button)

There is a lot of extra points when I use the Select button.


ModifiedSolid_afterFeatureEditing2_v11.3.1.jpgModified Solid after translating Surface (with Dialog Select button)

If I use Dialog Select button instead of Select button, it will be a Solid created, what I want.


I attached the original model


Best regards


Peter Kaderasz


Re: Extruding solid failure

Solution Partner Phenom Solution Partner Phenom
Solution Partner Phenom

Dear Peter,

I note the same behaviour: if next you use GEOMETRY > SOLID > CLEANUP activating the option ENABLE ADVANCED CLEANUP the extra surfaces are automatically cleaned and the geometry optimized.


Solid Cleanup
1 Solid(s) Selected...
Beginning Cleanup of Solid 81...
  Removing Redundant Geometry...
    No Redundant Geometry Found.
  Cleaning Geometry...
    No Cleaning Performed on Geometry.
  Removing Small Features...
    No Small Features Found.
  Optimizing Geometry...
    Geometry Optimization Complete.
  Saving Updated Geometry...
  Checking Geometry...
    Passed Geometry Checking.
Cleanup of Solid 81 is Complete.

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
Blog Femap-NX Nastran:

Re: Extruding solid failure

Hello Blas,

I know this solution, but sometimes I would like to keep other surfaces. I can of course use the Nonmergeable curve command too, but this require more work and attention. And I wouldn't like to recreate my connections and other things, wich are attached to the original surfaces.

Best regards

Peter Kaderasz

Re: Extruding solid failure

Siemens Phenom Siemens Phenom
Siemens Phenom

The results are different between Solid - Extrude, and the toolbox because they are different commands using differnt technology.  In Solid- Extrude, we're taking whatever surface you pick, and extruding it into a new solid.  In that dialog box, there's a "New Solid" on/off option.  Internally, you'll always have two solids after the surface is extruded, if the "New Solid" option is on, that's what you get, the resulting two.  If it is off, we call a regular Parasolid Boolean to Add the two together and you'll have one.


With the toolbox, all the "Translate", "Rotate", "Edit", and "Offset" commands call Parasolid functionality that updates the single solid body, you will always end up with one solid and no additional split lines.  I believe the spurious points you are seeing are a graphics glitch, I'm using v11.3.1, but when I'm in Performance Graphics, I see them, until I do a Regenerate on the view, they're not real points.  In regular graphics, they don't show up at all.


Would you please try try this and let me know if you see similar results?



Re: Extruding solid failure




I found a way how can I make a good solid and a faulty solid.


1. To making good solid:

  - creating circle

  - creating circular surface from this circle

  - extrude this surface

  This surface can be extruded forth, there aren't any extra surfaces


2. To making a faulty solid:

  a. from circle

      - creating a circle

      - break this circle in the midpoint

      - creating circular surface from this semicircles

      - extrude this surface

  b. from solid with hole

      - copy edge of the hole in one side to the same location

      - remove hole (Solid Remove Face command)

      - project copied curve to the surface of solid (Curve Project Normal with Update Surfaces)

      - creating hole from this new cilindrical surface (extrusion with remove hole option or solid embed

        face + deleting newly created solid of hole)

  By these ways created solid has extra surfaces, and this solid wont change after Cleanup command

  with default settings (the extra curves and points wont be deleted). Here works only the Cleanup

  with Enabled Cleanup Options. However if I use the advanced cleanup, to surfaces of the hole can be



Best regards


Peter Kaderasz