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FEMAP Start Loop


I downloaded and installed the 45-day free trial of FEMAP without much issue.  When I start FEMAP I get a dialogue box that says "Welcome to FEMAP!  Before you can continue, you must activate your software and obtain a license.  Press OK to start this process".  I hit 'OK' and a license activation dialogue box comes up asking for my activation code, with my computer id and computer name already filled in.  I copy and paste my activation code out of the e-mail that I received when I signed up for the free trial and hit 'OK'.  I then have to enter an admin username and password for Windows.  After that, the system goes back to the original dialogue box and the process repeats.


I have tried running FEMAP as an administrator, and also directly from an administrator account with the same results.  I have uninstalled, downloaded a fresh copy, installed and repeated the same troubleshooting steps with the same results.  Tech support will not help with a free trial and I cannot get through to the salesman who was assigned to me.  I am at a loss.


Any help or advice is appreciated.


Re: FEMAP Start Loop

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Gears Esteemed Contributor

In the SIMCenter section there is a FEMAP forum - maybe try there?

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Re: FEMAP Start Loop


Per your suggestion, I posted the same question in that forum.  Thanks.