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FEMAP System Requirement​ts




     We use FEMAP software for perform static analysis of composite structures. We get the CAD input files in (.igs) format of size 500MB. When we try to import this file into FEMAP for further processing, FEMAP either hangs up or instantly exits. We understand that our current system configuration is not sufficient to handle such big files.


our work involves:

1) Import (igs) file of size 500MB and more

2) Extract mid surface.

3) Meshing, Constraints and load set preparation.

4) Static analysis using Nx Nastran solver.

5) Extract results.


Our Current system configuration


Intel Core 2 Duo processor with 4 GB RAM.


Could anyone suggest best suitable system\Workstation configuration for your requirement.


Thanks in advance!






Re: FEMAP System Requirement​ts

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Dear Jose,

IGES is the worst method to exchange CAD data, it was the only method we used in the old times, in order to achive the maximum performance I suggest to use (if available from the source CAD system, of course!!) first Parasolid (*.X_T), second STEP (*.STP) and finally IGES (*.IGS). Also, try to use the native formats, in FEMAP you can import native CAD formats from almost all CAD systems in the market.


The reason of not to use IGES is because IGES do not import solids, and if you want to perform MIDSURFACING then you need solids. IGES is good (or not too bad) when importing 1-D wireframe models and later in FEMAP to use curves to create surfaces, but if you need solids then STEP is good, and PARASOLID is perfect.


Said the above, the first you need to have a powerful workstation is a Windows x64 Operating System (I run Windows 8, and is perfect, better than Win7!!) and plenty of RAM memory, I strongly suggest to have minimum 32 GB of RAM, this is critical in order to create big FEA models and solve IN-CORE, avoiding swapping to hard disc. Also the use of SSD instead SATA hard disc is critical in performance, but SSD of 500 GB it cost a lot of money, then 1 TB SATA HD is correct. And finally the processor, a good Intel i7 with 8 cores is correct.


An IGES file of 500 MB is not a very big model, I suggest to build a professional workstation to avoid hardware problems, that the only BIG PROBLEMS you have will be later when creating & solving your FEA model !!.


Best regards,


Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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Re: FEMAP System Requirement​ts


Dear Blas,


      Thank you very much for your advise.