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FEMAP V11.4: API Solid Centerline Finder

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Very good the new feSolidExtractCenterlines API call exclusive of FEMAP V11.4: it generates not only 1-D geometry centerline & arcs automatically extracted from 3-D solids, but also compute & assign attributes to the newly created geometry of type beam cross section properties, so the end user simply needs to apply mesh density in centerline & arcs using commands MESH > MESH CONTROL > SIZE ALONG CURVE and mesh them using command MESH > GEOMETRY > CURVE.

  • For 3-D solids filled tubes the API creates shape CIRCULAR BAR CBEAM property.
  • For 3-D solids hollow tubes the API creates shape CIRCULAR TUBE CBEAM property.
  • For any 3-D solid arbitrary extruded cross section the API creates a General Section CBEAM property.



For 3-D solids with un-symmetric cross sections the 1-D lines/arcs are created at neutral axis of cross section as well and the CBEAM GENERAL SECTION property is assigned to each curve, including reference point and orientation so they are fully ready to be meshed, quickly & fast!!


Here you are the API code, thanks to Mark Sherman!!

Sub Main
    Dim App As femap.model
    Set App = feFemap()

    Dim soSet As femap.Set
    Set soSet = App.feSet

soSet.Select( FT_SOLID, True, "Pick SOLID")

    App.feSolidExtractCenterlines( soSet.ID, -1,  False )
End Sub

Best regards,

Blas Molero Hidalgo, Ingeniero Industrial, Director
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